WTF is going on in this banana country?

i cannot even begin to describe what is happening around here. a man who ordered 15 people to be murdered in 1982, might become President of this fucking hole of a country? how? because he and his party promised a lot of air castles to the younger citizens, who were finally eligible to vote. and they don’t even know or want to know what happened back then. they are just going for the food and drink parties he organizes, and give their vote in return. he and his companions stole every penny there was during their regime in the 80’s. and this man has been convicted in the Netherlands for drug trafficking.  meaning he will take Suriname into another void, where no other countries will accept or invite him to represent our country. and that is just him….

“Do they even care?”

there are other parties who split out of the party combination that has ruled the past years. promising them at least one ministry to rule. are all these people that vain and power hungry? why? so they can grab everything for themselves? money, land, money, power, money… can’t they just be in the opposition and try to govern in an intellectual, democratic way? although don’t get me started on the leaders of those split parties, one is a guerilla baboon in a suit, former enemy of Mr. Murderer, the other is a crooked Javanese, with the knowledge of an Orangutang who can’t keep his hands to himself.

now, with all the votes, the party has gained more power and is entitled to push forward Mr. Murderer as President. tomorrow will be the voting day in Parliament.

ETA: Monday July 19th, has been the saddest day in history. i totally lost my believe and hopes in and for this country.

*sigh* and this is the country i live in, Viva Suriname!


ETA: thanks for the mention mumure, with “Do they even care?”


5 thoughts on “Democracy

  1. Holy moly, Sandra! You have been on a roll! These are a’flippin’stounding pages. Scary as all hell, but astounding. Man..this is disturbing on so many levels. USA is NOT known for its fair and reasonable politicians, but dayum…a convicted drug trafficker? Murderer? I’ll say a prayer..that’s just nuts. Did they do the election yet? And must know your credits on that first is unbelievably cool. Will peek at SA and see if they’re there. All these recent page postings are gorgeous, but these two particularly do it for me. Oh…liked the sick one a whole tonload, too…great pills. Hope you’re feeling better, btw.

  2. Just saw this! Sad for you and your country Sandra. It’s a terrible thing to be so responsible yourself and watch others blatantly party on as if unaware, knowingly or not. People nowadays are so self-centered, it hardly bears thinking about. Things are far from perfect in the good ole USA, most politicians are the pits as far as I’m concerned, but we do move on in a dysfunctional way. Well, just sympathizing, at least you can express yourself and get rid of a bit of your anger, and we all know it’s a good thing to share with others. Sending love and concern, kxxxx, Ferryl. (P.S. The pages above? beautiful and arresting, as usual!)

  3. WOW! What powerful pieces my friend! That is scary as hell and it does make you wonder WTF is wrong with people!!!! Here is the supposed good ole’ USA are far from good and it sure is NOT the land of the free! Thank you for sharing your pages!!

  4. I’m sad for you and for your country … at least, you still can express yourself, but take care of you, in a lot of countries, people like you, who feel concerned by what happens to their country, have been arrested and … sometimes worse.
    So … be careful … who knows nowadays ?
    The both pages are gorgeously done !!

  5. The words used before me….powerful, impact, frightning, stunning……your story and your pages reflect all of that and so much more. Thank you for these insightful striking pieces of art……

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