One Sparkling Blog

got this blog award from Maryse, thank you my dear friend, you are one sparkling lady yourself!! :-D

first, i have to answer the following question:

“what do you most enjoy about your blog?”

well, that is easy, i can ramble and vent about things which aren’t that suitable in the scrap galleries. because this is my own spot in the darker corner of the digiworld. i also like to share my art with anyone who is interested, be it pages, free stuff or what-nots.

second, i have to send this award to 10 other bloggers.

ehm, lately i haven’t been really bloghopping like i’m supposed to do (sorry my friends *oops*). so what i’m gonna do is send this to one person. one mighty fine and wonderful, but absolutely crazy person. who has just started her own blog because she can’t keep talking to herself and might find a better audience out there. hmmm, now i’m thinking, she does have like 12 split personalities!! so this award will be sent to even more people than i’m supposed to LOL ooh i’m being too clever, ain’t i?

introducing to my blog readers, Visual Junk by Kate. enjoy!


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