Believe in the magic….

some ‘magical’ and ‘dreamy’ pages of little dumpling….


“Believe in the magic”


ETA: gosh Mini-Renne, you crack me up LOL waiting for my page to show up DST :-p
thanks SO much for the GSO there ;-) you’re a sweetheart!

“Sleep Faerie, Good Night”

ETA: you did it again Mini-Renne LOL thanks again for the GSO at DST!! xx

i love to watch these two, my SIL and little dumpling. they have this hugging and cuddling ritual as soon as they see each other.

“A Perfect Moment”


2 thoughts on “Believe in the magic….

  1. wow !!! I saw already the two first pages and you know what I think about but the third and last … wow ! love them, love them !! the little cute photo nestled amongst the eggs and fruits … so adorable and it really catches the eyes !!
    and love the whole feeling of the last one, the colours, the journaling, the blending … everything is made to believe in magic :)

    Have a great week-end !

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