Cool Find

going through a drawer with lots of old stuff, i found this Minolta camera of my father’s. would be really cool if it still works! might need a lot of cleaning though LOL

“Cool Find”

i love perfume, especially the Gucci ones.  yeah, i’m a Gucci girl :-)
very “coincidental” that the photo turned out pinkish, quite cool effect. my lighting came from the sun behind me, shining through red curtains and it happened that all the bottles on my table do have some pink in them. so absolutely no filter, action or preset used on this photo. the only thing i did was bump the contrast a teeny tiny bit.

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-2671" title="i “i <3”


One thought on “Cool Find

  1. What a cool find!!! I wish I had my Granddad’s old camera! I need to ask my Nana if she still has it. He was always taking pics with it and he took the best pics! The girly page is SO me…I LOVE all of the pink!

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