Decisions, Decisions

the whole proces to come to a decision is often wearing me out. should i do this, or that. do i want this, or that. i have to identify the main points, will it be better for me? or actually take me back in the process? should i take a deeper look into the subject through researching or should i just ignore things? hmmm….

“decisions, decisions

sometimes, a decision isn’t necessary. it has already been decided for you…or me….

My way or the highway

thank you so much Mumure! for the GSO at DST ;-)


6 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I can totally relate to the decision page!!! I am going through that right now with a lot of things! And the my way or the highway is SO true! I love the subtle grunginess of it!

  2. Wise advice needed …. ???!!!
    Just … start.
    Right now.
    Doesn’t matter.

    Wish you: courage.

  3. Hi Sandra!
    Lovely piece and I also like the saying – had a friend that said that all the time many moons ago so it gave me some great memories as well!

  4. Heh Cheng! Thanks for playing along!!! Hopefully, we’ll have that wonderful feeling of a ton of positive energy floating around as time goes on and more butterflies make their way.
    It’s All Good!

  5. such a great page you made !! and that’s strange, I’m not surprised by what you wrote … lol

    don’t think so much … but I should, sometimes ;)

    I have sometihing on my blog for you.
    Hope everything is ok for you.

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