Save me from myself

sometimes….you are steaming full ahead, sometimes, it gets back at you, sometimes…you just need to be saved from yourself…

Save me from myself

GSO at DST, thanks so much mumure!

sometimes…being creative, can make your head explode!


sometimes…you just need to relax


sometimes…taking sunflare shots can be relaxing


another GSO at DST ;-)

sometimes…you just gotta fly high…

Fly High

thanks for the mention at DST, Mini-Renne ;-)

sometimes…you just gotta soar…


sometimes…you just gotta love yourself

Love Yourself


sometimes…you wished you had gotten yourself that tattoo


sometimes…you’ve got to undertake something to reach your goals

Undertake to do something

sometimes…you think you were as cute as could be

little me

sometimes…you are not that cute and peeps need to read the instructions first before approaching you…

Shake before use

sometimes…it is just nobody’s business what you do with your own body

Free to do

GSO at DST ;-)

sometimes…you just want to go incognito and not have others watching your each and every move..


thanks again so much for a GSO at DST, mumure!


5 thoughts on “Save me from myself

  1. I’ve seen some of these here and there (LOVE them ALL), but I just had to say that I really love your commentary in this post. Thanks for the smile :D Makes the pages that much more interesting. You are one rocking, creative lady and I’d love to be able to see inside that head of yours. And yeah, I know the feeling of needing to be saved from myself! Ugh.

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