Sad news again…


I just heard the news that Little Dreamer Designs is closing up shop. while I’ve been there for only a few months, it was a nice store to CT for, and I thoroughly enjoyed the designers, the team and the products.

I am still in shock, because this is the third site closing within a year where I have to say goodbye. it was also one of the first sites I found when I was just a newbie in the digiscrap world. :-(

here are the pages I created for them….


ofcourse, who wouldn’t be when trying to give your love some sweet kisses….mind you, she is just one year old LOL

Head in the clouds

scrap love

a sweet little moment with her granny



Mirror Fun


Christmas Joy

Christmas Card


a RAK for Maaike, I wanted to play with some snowy photos, those are hard to get around here ROFL

Tough Guys

cold fluffy touch


Beer Blessings


Getting Soaked

Day 10

just a note

constantly blowing those spit bubbles, all the time while mumbling ‘mum mum mum’…..I could barely hold the camera steady, I was laughing SO hard!

mum mum mum


3 thoughts on “Sad news again…

  1. Hi Sandra :) :) :)

    I was shocked to when I got their NL… I hate to see designers retiring, stores closing, that’s very sad :(

    I love those pages, every single one of them! your artwork always put a smile on my face :) :) :)

    hugs girl

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