i know!!

and i haven’t forgotten :-)

apparently something is wrong with WordPress, or my connection, but i cannot seem to add images neither can i edit text.

just some words and hitting the publish button. neat…hmpf.

btw, and this gal is curious, i see my freebies downloaded daily, but i was wondering if you all really use them.
or do you just keep them for sometime, somewhere, in the future. do you create pages with them?
would you mind hooking me up if you do? i would LOVE to see how my stuff is used LOL

anyway, i’ll try again later today and have a little freebie up, keep watching this space!



2 thoughts on “i know!!

  1. I have to admit that most of the things that I download from your site and others are for later, sometime, maybe. There are a few things that I want to use right away and your February freebie…3D art template was one of those things. Ideas were just flowing through my head. Unfortunately, life gets in my way and time passes and I forget. I sincerely promise that I will hook you up when I can get back to scrapping and use something of yours. I like to scrap chronologically, but I am three years behind. LOL Gotta find a way to scrap the best and trash the rest,but that is so hard when it is photos of your grandchildren.

  2. thank you for your response!
    funny you keep them for later use. I am actually like that too LOL
    good luck with catching up on those 3 years :-)


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