Things I like….

Do you like fonts? Better yet, do you like free fonts?

Check out Creative Keepsakes, every Friday they have a free font up. This week it is CK Message Board.


I think I’ve said enough.


Going from one tab open, to too many tabs while Firefox is groaning.

I don’t even know how it actually works. But I have an account. And I follow people and am followed. But I do not know how to do things. I just look and click and follow links and be inspired by the ones I follow. Maybe I should pin more? I just don’t know how to do things.

I’m under the influence of Adele’s voice. Mesmerizing. Enthralling. I couldn’t stop playing her album ’19’, and now with ’21’.



8 thoughts on “Things I like….

  1. Wow – what a talent! I’m downloaded Youtube vids of her like crazy. Thanks for the intro! Now listening to “Don’t You Remember”. Incredible, incredible voice.

  2. thanks to you, I finally know this singer’s face, I often hear her on the radio when I’m on the way to my work and I do agree with you, she has a wonderful voice !!!
    have a great wek-end !

    and congrats for PickleBerryPop ;)

  3. And that is also how I found Adele the first time, on the radio, and I wondered who it was. So I wrote down a part of the lyrics and googled the text, et voilĂ , there she was!
    Thanks Lys, I’m definitely excited to be at PBP! :-)

  4. Dude, Adele is the shizznit! And I love pinterest, but stay off of there cause it is addictive! And I love some free fonts…hehehe. Thanks for the link!

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