Things I like (July 10)

One thing you certainly might ‘like’ ;-)

I have finally set up my Facebook page! It is still under construction though, and it looks a little bit lonely for now LOL
Wanna help a gal out? Pretty please? Ofcourse, as soon as I’m caught up with all the goodies I’m working on now, I will create a special giftie for my Facebook fans. Sounds like a good deal? I will be forever grateful! CLICK

Have you seen these Lil’ Cake Toppers????????? Adorable!!
Not only for weddings though, but also for birthdays, anniversaries, whenever…..

I especially like Paragi & Neel, the Indian couple. I mean, every girl loves bling, right? Nothing like too much bling, and the Indian culture has more than enough.
I’ll be shooting a wedding in October, 3 days full of traditional Indian ceremonies. And wearing a traditional Indian dress is one of the requirements as I’m also invited as a guest. Can you see me chasing the couple with my camera and slipping right down on the floor in front of everybody? Oh boy….

This week’s free font from Creative Keepsakes, CK Dots and Dashes.

LMAO, and I almost peed my pants watching this! Too funny. Thanks Erika, for THAT! haha


5 thoughts on “Things I like (July 10)

  1. I’ve been on the site, they are all adorable indeed and really cute ! although, I prefer the “kokeshis “, Japanese dolls …
    well, I won’t have a look on the video … ahhh, too much frightened by this movie !

    how lucky you are to be as a guest on this indian wedding and to shoot these precious moments …. wearing a beautiful and vibrant sari ( I want a photo of you, all right ? ;) ) and not when you’ll be on the floor … lol

    have a great Sunday !!

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