Things I Like (July 24)

Heehee, I thought this was too funny not to share…

source: La Pixel et Le Pug: Glitter Fool

It isn’t digital, but I can totally imagine using these on a digital layout. Want me to create a digital fun pack? Click on the image to see for yourself how the photos have been blinged up….

Click for your free Creative Keepsakes’ Free Font Friday CK Concave.

On another note….

I just cannot believe she passed away. Or actually, yes I can believe it, with her lifestyle, with an emphasis on self-destructive behaviour, it was bound to happen.

But that voice!

One of my favorites from “Back to Black“, I listened to the whole album, on repeat mode. There was something that resonated with me. Was it the pain that she carried in her voice that hit me? Were it (part of) the lyrics that I thought she sang about my life? Was it the storm of emotions that went through me whenever I listened to it? I don’t know, but what I do know, is that she is no more…

RIP Amy Winehouse


One thought on “Things I Like (July 24)

  1. I love the Back to Black album too! Her voice is so Motown it’s fantastic. It’s really a shame she’s no longer with us. We need more singers of her caliber (minus the destructive lifestyle).

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