Things I like (July 31)

Art journaling, love it or hate it?

Me, I love it.

All the art journal pages I create are supposed to be printed out sometime, and collected into one art journal book. Like a diary. I already have 114 pages. Exactly.
But why do I like creating them? I don’t know, it is just a certain feeling to get thoughts, musings, ramblings, whatever on page and have the colors and images, the whole visual imagery, give me some food for more thought. heh

I want to work on a few more pages this summer.

So I am going to grab this by Tangie, and I’m already loving the backgrounds.

Wish me luck, this is going to be fun :-)

Oh, and have you grabbed your weekly free Creative Keepsakes font yet? CK Summer Days

Plus I got some great news yesterday, to describe how I felt….this….

haha this goes way back, but I still crack up watching it.

Which brings me to all the EvianBabies commercials. Cute!


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