Things I like: Luka and Stjepan

Who? These two…

They crack me up every time I watch this particular cover of Coldplay’s ‘Every raindrop is a waterfall

Maybe a little bit awkward, but hey, who cares, they are simply amazing!
Check out the rest of 2CELLOS’ channel for more.


Art Journaling

I did some art journal pages the past weeks, sometimes you need to get things out of your system, easiest way is to express them through art.

As there were some things going on in my life, that made me pretty uncomfortable, like there was this huge conspiracy against me. Then some thoughts if things were meant to be this way or that you just have to take matters into your own hands to change it all up.

something fishy

caught up

step up

true love


the finer details

All supplies from SBG

(Tangie Baxter, Maya, Miss Vivi, Christina Renee, Dawn Inskip)

A few pages of my dumpling

My little niece is growing up so fast! In a few weeks she’ll turn 2 years!
She has grown into this little diva and loves clothes, purses, shoes and Dora LOL

miss fancy pants

little red dress






All supplies from SBG
(Julia Makotinsky, Tangie Baxter, Boutique Cute Doll, Miki Ferkul, Studio Mixes)