Smitten with SBG


Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

and welcome to the ScrapbookGraphics’ Valentine Blog Train!

the Studio Girls and Crew have created some awesome goodies again and
you get to collect all pieces by going from blog to blog.
if you have followed all blogs in order, you should’ve come from Redju’s blog and
that it is now my turn to treat you with not one but two goodies!
(click on the images to download them)

here is the first…

and the second one…enjoy!

(a HUGE thank you to Studio Wendy for hosting the QP’s for me!!)

please keep in mind that the Designers and Crew are all over the world,
so if a piece is not up yet, you can always check back later.
if you get lost along the way, you can check the whole list at the SBG Blog.

now on to the next stop at Kate’s!


The End Is Near..

of 2010, that is….

ahhh December, i managed to keep up with it LOL
hope you enjoyed all of them, click on the image to download the last template for this year.

Big Dreams

i LOVE paint, you can totally make a layout by adding some paint. a little bit of color here, a little bit of color there, a little bit of grunge…. *sigh* did i mention i love paint?

so when i created this layout, i decided to turn it into a template and add my own painty stuff to it. you can move around the painted layers, duplicate them, erase parts of it, turn off a color, recolor, even use it as a mask!
so grab it while you can, cause it will only be up for a very short time. feel free to link me up to your layout when you use it.

btw, any thanks or criticism is highly appreciated, might make me want to leave my future freebies up a little bit longer ;-)
and yes, there will be more, in fact, there is a kit in the making. for reals! so keep an eye out on my blog.

Big Dreams

(click on the following image to download the template)
yup, expired
(hmmmm, nice to know that only 3 visitors were kind enough to leave a comment.
thanks for that, ladies! mwah)