Day 4, catching up…

January 4: got a pic of the beer stains left. according to the Chinese, you have to sprinkle warm beer along the edges of the walls and in the corners of your house, inside and outside. again, to chase away all the bad stuff. funny thing is, as i’m 100% Chinese, i wasn’t raised with all these Chinese traditions, neither was my mom. but some things just stay.
now THAT is our local beer, if you visit Suriname, this is something you HAVE to drink. a one liter bottle is called a djogo, 330 cc is called a mini-djogo. FYI ;-)

January 5: my little niece, a little over 2 months old, has the habit of sucking on her hand and sometimes a finger slips in. i used to suck on my left thumb and am encouraging her to use that one too LOL

January 6: i had a photo assignment and when i started my car, i saw this little bush where this bee and a few butterflies where doing some sundance. luckily it was a desolate street, cause i had parked in the middle of it.

January 7: thought there was a zit somewhere one my neck, and thought, why bother to find and use a second mirror ? that’s why we cameras right? LOL have you ever used the camera for something else? i don’t have a watch and if my phone isn’t near, and my camera is, i shoot blindly just to  get a photo with the time stamp LOL

January 8: Giada got her first vaccination and when it started to burn, she couldn’t stop crying. so finally her mother gave her a little bath to cool off and they both fell asleep on the couch. totally exhausted.


4 thoughts on “Day 4, catching up…

  1. Sandra, I’m in awe of your photos! I love how you can take a close up photo of your surroundings and make it so interesting. I always feel I fail miserably at these type of photos but you’ve inspired me to try again! :-)

  2. I agree totally with Karen – you take an average opportunity and make it looks incredible and you take a beautiful opportunity and make it even more beautiful!!

  3. Oh and yes i take pics of the back of Gracie’s hair and her little friends hair when they have me style it – so much better to show them the pic than that whole -mirror in front and back thing!

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